Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost time

Well, only about 4 more weeks until D day and we can't wait.  Just as life is starting to settle down, the girls playing so well together in the afternoons, and summer approaching, it is about to get kind of CRAZY!! That is crazy in a good way though.  Baby boy Warren is growing like crazy and I feel like my stomach can not stretch anymore.  I was never this big with the girls...I feel good and the baby is healthy and has great movement.  May is flying by already and I feel like it is so busy.  Sallie graduates from kindergarten May 22nd and that is also the last day of school.  We are headed to the beach for our annual Memorial Day beach trip but this year only for about 4 days instead of a full week.  That is unless Baby Warren decides to come early which would be fine by me:)

The girls are getting ready to perform in their big ballet performance on Tues. May15th.  They have precious costumes that they are so excited about.  I can't wait to see them on the big stage.  Anna and Sallie are really into their baby dolls right now and I got a really cute picture of them yesterday with  all the baby stations they had set up. I will have to post the pics.  We have all our baby gear out in the nursery and it has been used a lot by the girls and their baby dolls. I walked into the nursery yesterday with Sallie over Anna who was on the floor with a baby doll stuffed up her shirt and Sallie was "taking the baby out". I hope they welcome this new baby and love him like they do thier baby dolls.

Mother's Day is almost here and is a reminder of how lucky I am.  I am blessed beyond words....

Can't wait to be blogging about life as a family of 5!

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