Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost time

Well, only about 4 more weeks until D day and we can't wait.  Just as life is starting to settle down, the girls playing so well together in the afternoons, and summer approaching, it is about to get kind of CRAZY!! That is crazy in a good way though.  Baby boy Warren is growing like crazy and I feel like my stomach can not stretch anymore.  I was never this big with the girls...I feel good and the baby is healthy and has great movement.  May is flying by already and I feel like it is so busy.  Sallie graduates from kindergarten May 22nd and that is also the last day of school.  We are headed to the beach for our annual Memorial Day beach trip but this year only for about 4 days instead of a full week.  That is unless Baby Warren decides to come early which would be fine by me:)

The girls are getting ready to perform in their big ballet performance on Tues. May15th.  They have precious costumes that they are so excited about.  I can't wait to see them on the big stage.  Anna and Sallie are really into their baby dolls right now and I got a really cute picture of them yesterday with  all the baby stations they had set up. I will have to post the pics.  We have all our baby gear out in the nursery and it has been used a lot by the girls and their baby dolls. I walked into the nursery yesterday with Sallie over Anna who was on the floor with a baby doll stuffed up her shirt and Sallie was "taking the baby out". I hope they welcome this new baby and love him like they do thier baby dolls.

Mother's Day is almost here and is a reminder of how lucky I am.  I am blessed beyond words....

Can't wait to be blogging about life as a family of 5!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So behind....

I am so behind in my blogging and will attempt to catch up but no pictures for now. Our home computer got a really bad virus and we had to switch all our pics over to another computer and have not switched them back or downloaded any new pics from Christmas. I think that my last post was in Sept so let me try and think about what all has gone on since then.....Oct was the annual Wooly Worm festival which was so much fun. It was really windy this year which did make it a little harder to enjoy but we still had a good time. My parents went with us this year and it was great to spend some overnight time with them and the girls really enjoyed having them there too. We got to bring our worms home and they hung around for about 5 days before we let them go and find a new home in our backyard.

We found out in October that we are expecting another baby which is still so exciting and unbelievable! I feel great which I am so thankful for and have never experienced. I was so sick with both Anna and Sallie and I have not been sick at all this time. I never really got to enjoy being pregnant before because I was so sick and so sleep deprived because I could not sleep either. This time I have really enjoyed it. November was full of Thanksgiving plans and family time. Ward and I took a trip to Charlotte for a weekend in November to celebrate our 6th Anniversary and had a great time. My parents kept the kids and it was so nice to get away. We told our families that we were expecting a third baby the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and everyone was so excited. The kids were really excited and Sallie is still going up to people and telling them that I am pregnant and she is going to have a baby:) Too Cute!!! What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.....

We had a great Christmas. The girls really enjoyed all that we did to get ready for Christmas. We did operation Christmas Child at our church which was a lot of fun. We got to buy gifts, pack boxes, make pictures and write letters to include in the boxes and then got to track the boxes that we sent. It was really neat. We went to the First Baptist Church Christmas program that we always enjoys and saw some of our precious little friends in it this year. We went to Saluda Shoals park to see the lights which were great. We really enjoyed them!!! We saw Santa Claus on more than one occasion. Anna actually packaged up her passy and gave it to Santa this year. Santa thought it was a little odd but oh well, he took it. He then asked Anna what she wanted for Christmas and she told him that she wanted a snake. He really thought we were odd after that. It was pretty funny. We took Anna to Learning express and let her pick out any toy that she wanted for giving Santa her passy. She picked out a $4.00 rubber snake. Priceless......Giving up her passy was a little rough for a night or two but she has been fine since and has not looked back or questioned it once. Sallie was in a little Christmas program at church and then another one at school. She was a Shepard and she was the cutest little Shepard I have ever seen. Her line was to say "Where shall I find him" and she said it perfectly.....She really wanted to be a Angel but after we read stories and I told her the importance of the shepards, she was ok with it.

Our elf, Roddy, came back this year which was so fun. The girls both enjoyed him so much and couldn't wait to get out of bed to find him. They wrote letters to him and Sallie left him candy two nights. We celebrated Christmas in Anderson the weekend before Christmas and stayed in town for Christmas Day which was really nice. We went to Church and then headed to Bishopville Christmas Day to spend the day with family and eat lunch. It was great!!! Both Sallie and Anna were good girls this year and Santa was good to both of them. Sallie loved her "two wheel" scooter which is what she kept telling Santa that she wanted. She also loved her "i touch" that she got (not really a i touch and I am not sure why she started calling it this but we let her go with it). It is really a vtech innotab which we had to take back due to a problem with it and are waiting on another one. Anna got a doll house and a scooter as well. Hers is a three wheel scooter but she still thinks that it is a two wheel scooter and we let her go with that too. She also got a musical vanity. The best gift I got was the news on Dec 20th that our baby is a boy and he is healthy. What a great gift and we are all so excited. I must say I am a little nervous about a boy just because I am clueless when it comes to boys but I know that it will all just come to me and this baby boy will be the best addition to our family. The girls are excited about "baby boy" and Ward is sooooo excited. I think he just knew that this baby was another girl which would have been great news too....The girls will be roommates starting in April and baby boy will take over Anna's room. Pray for a easy transition. They are excited about it now because they are getting bunk beds but I hope that they love sharing a room and can get along. I can not believe that Christmas has come and gone but it truly was a great one!! God has blessed me with so much and I pray that this year I focus on him even more!!!

New Years resolutions......well there are a lot in my head but the most important ones......live each day to the fullest as if it could be my last, enjoy family time and have more of it, do more for others in need, and spend more time with God... That about sums up the last 3 months. I hope to stay more up to date and can't wait to see what 2012 brings us.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Training wheels....and balllet

Sallie learned this past weekend how to ride her bike with no training wheels and is now a riding machine. After many falls and lots of banged up knees, she is riding like a champ. I think that she likes riding even better now that the training wheels are gone. Anna has taken over riding Sallie's first bike and has learned how to peddle by herself. She loves it! She has taken several spills as well but seems to bounce back really quick. For some reason she could peddle her tricycle really well but could not do the bike until a week or so ago.

Anna got all dressed for her 1st ballet class Tuesday and got all excited about it. I took her and forgot that it was Tuesday and not Monday when her class is. Labor day really confused me this year. Anyway, she looked so cute, we had to get pics and come home and pretend ballet. She is one cute ballerina. I'm a little partial :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anna turns 3

Five days after the shock of having a 5 year old, I get to do it again and sing Happy Birthday to my baby. Anna, today you are 3 years old and no longer a little baby but a big girl. You know what you want when you want it and you will let everyone know. You have the best contagious laugh I have ever heard and sometimes you just make me laugh like crazy because you are laughing. I miss you when you are at school and miss our two days at home together. You love "Sallie" and when she is not around you are constantly asking where she is. Your favorite show is Dora and you love to eat yogurt and cheese. Your favorite activity is to play with your babies. You will be such a good Mama one day because you are so sweet to your babies even when they have to go to timeout. We are going to have to work on loosing your passy soon but you do love it so much:) You really wanted a care bear for your birthday and we have not gotten it yet so still working on that. Maybe that will be a later gift that you open. You are going to be so excited about your doll house that Daddy worked on for you last night for about 5 hours. It is huge!!! Before I know it you will be turning 5 too so I know that I need to soak all your 3 year old self up and enjoy every second.....We love you so much Anna Banana!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Big 5 and back to school

Today is the day that Sallie Celess turns the big whole hand 5. I can not believe that it has been 5 years since I brought that little bundle home from the hospital and learned all about what it was to be a "Mama". I remember those first couple of nights home from the hospital waking up every 2 -3 hours for feedings, that went on for what seemed like forever and now that time seems like forever ago..... I am so thankful to have a happy and healthy 5 year old. Not only is she happy and healthy but Sallie Warren, you are the sweetest, spunkiest, funniest, smartest little girl out there (I am a little partial). Your teachers and little friends in your class this year are lucky to have you there and I know that you will have a great year. Happy birthday sweet girl. This mama loves you more than you will ever know. I know that this next 5 years will fly by like the first and will be just as fun. I wish that I could freeze time and continue to enjoy you being 5 but I know that I can't so I am going to strive to enjoy every single day to the fullest (the good and the ugly). I hope that you have a wonderful day today.

We had Sallie and Anna's birthday party at the park last week so today is just a little birthday celebration for Sallie with family. We started the day with a doughnut with a candle in it for breakfast. I made some mini cupcakes for her class to have at snack. Ward is picking her up at lunch to take her to Frankies fun park to ride the go carts. Sallie and I are going to get pedicures this evening and then we are all going to eat at Chick fil a (her choice). You think that she may be rotten by the end of the day? I will keep you posted on that. She is so excited about her big day. She is unwrapping a pink cash register from us and some dress up shoes and a barbie from Anna. We will celebrate Anna's big day on Monday so we will do all this over again minus the Frankies and pedicures. Anna does not care about that and would hate to ride a go cart. All she wants for her birthday ........a carebear. Where do you even find those anymore? Sallie has one so Anna wants one. We are still on the lookout for that so if you have any suggestions on where to get this, let me know. Heres to birthdays!!!!

The girls both started back to school Monday which is earlier than most. Sallie started Kindergarten this year but stayed at Eastminister. She loved her first day and had so much fun. She is really impressed by the smart board that is in her room. She already came home singing a song about money and the order of the coins. Mrs. Mack is her teacher and she is so sweet and I know that she is going to have a incredible year. Anna got Mrs. Rachael for the 3's and will go to school everyday. She enjoyed her first day as well. She is warming up to the idea of going to school everyday. We used to have Tuesdays and Thursdays together at home so it is all new to be going everyday. I am adjusting to this as well:( They both get out at 12 so I do have lots of time in the afternoons to enjoy them. Eastminster has been such a great school and I will be so sad when it is no longer a part of our daily life. I do feel that the girls are loved so much there and have learned so much not only about school stuff, but about God. I know that next year we will have to move on but it will be a sad day:) This year is going to be great.... I must say that I really enjoyed my first summer being at home with the girls and we did lots of fun things.................but am loving being back in school as well. I like a routine and school is a good routine for us. I know that when we start real school, I probably won't look forward to that as much but this 9 -12 school day is great:)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching up

I've gotten really behind on the blog lately and had a couple spare minutes to give a few updates. Summer is in full swing now and almost over:( The kids start back to school August 8th. Sallie will be a big kindergartner this year at Eastminster and Anna will be in the 3's (wiping tears). I really can not believe that my girls are almost 5 and 3. It has been a fun and low key summer. It has flown by like I knew it would. It was my first summer at home with the girls and not working. What a joy it has been to be home with them. I can't say that there have not been days that I would have wanted to be at work however I know that this is time that I won't get back and I want to enjoy every second. The girls have really been so good at home and have learned to play together really well in the mornings with their babies and playing kitchen. Now the afternoons when everyone is tired is another story. We went to the beach for the 4th of July and had a blast. It was so much fun and the girls both loved the ocean. I actually enjoyed it myself. I am usually scared and don't like it but I made myself go in this summer and once I was in, it was ok. I rode some waves and really had fun. We have been to the lake a couple of times as well. We borrowed a float that Ward pulled behind the boat with Sallie and I on and it was so much fun. Sallie did not want to go at first but when I said that I was going, she was in. We laughed so hard that my stomach hurt the next day. It was so much fun. Not only was my stomach sore but my back was really sore from holding on for dear life. I was so scared that we would flip off and Sallie would never want to do it again. We did not flip off and by the end of the ride, Sallie was holding her thumb up for Ward to go faster. We have used the pool alot and have really enjoyed that this summer too. Sallie is swimming like a fish and Anna can hold her own in the water too. Sallie recently started jumping off the diving board like a champ and swimming to the side on her own. She got so brave that she has been jumping and twisting in the air. This is a great activity to wear them both out including myself!

The girls are having their birthday party today at the park I just watched the weather and they said 100 degrees by 12. Oh well it may be a short one. They are having a little princess party together at Heathwood park. This may be the last year to do a party together and get away with it. It was pretty easy this year because Anna is so agreeable. She keeps checking to make sure that she will get to blow out her own candles. I did make them small individual cakes to blow out on their own. Sallie really wanted to paint nails at her party and Anna wanted a pinata so we have both those requests filled. They are really excited and I must admit I am excited too. I could not sleep last night. I love to see them have fun:) I will post some pictures after the party!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A "funny"

Sometimes things that Sallie says are so cute and funny that I don't want to forget them. Sometimes I try to mentally remember them but sometimes they make me laugh so much that I must actually type them and put them on my blog to go back to one day. This particular "funny" was really funnier in person but still one for the books. We were eating dinner outside and Ward was not feeling so good so he was laying on the couch. Sallie said "I hope Daddy feels better because I love him all the way to Disney World and back. I said "that is really sweet Sallie, I am sure he is better now." Sallie said "I love you all the way to Bethlehem and back." Anna was sitting there looking at me like she was thinking, what about me? Anyway, I said "Sallie, what about Anna?" She looked at me and said, "well, I love her to the park". It was so funny! Again, much funnier in person but want to keep some of these things fresh to refer back to. I will blog about our annual beach trip this week. We got back Saturday and had a blast as usual. It was wonderful to get away and relax with the family.